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Maintenence Works: Plumbing Jam – common nuisance

Posted on: January 4th, 2016 by admin


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Maintenence Works: Plumbing Jam – common nuisance

Maintenence Works: Plumbing Jam - common nuisance

This is Son from Customer Care Team of Viettrahousing.

With a large amount of Japanese customers in Hanoi, the maintenance for apartments is the usually works especially new check in ones.

The story below is the interesting experience of Care Team when reparing plumb water

The first case from apartment in Vincom Ba Trieu Center. As we know, the quality of apartment in Vincom is very good from facilities to water, WC system… The single man have lived here for almost two years, during the time use facilities, the dirty is built up, in addition our customer – Mr.KiBa have a favorite is making cake, the flour also combine with dirties makes the plumb jam, water flow slowly, and over outside with terrible smell.

The plumber have use long steel wire and water pressure make stuffs in the plumb go away.

After an hour working, everything is done and clean, Mr.Kiba is very pleasure and appriciated.

Others are easier with problem is dirty or hair,…

Also we don’t forget remind our customer careful in using water area like kitchen, lavabo to avoid the above nuisance

Other tips when have same problem

  1. Use hot water, flow continuously in some mins ( for trouble from oil dirty )
  2. Close water valve, put full of water and take it away with high pressure

The Problem in house when live in a long time is unavoidable, Our Care Team always support customer as soon as possible to bring the comfortable and convenient for living.


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  • Hotline: 0912.014.670 (Japanese) - 094.243.9669 (English)
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