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J-E Mart Minimart of Euro and Japan goods
Posted on: January 27th, 2016 by admin

J-E Mart

J-E Mart is the new minimart about Euro and Japan goods, located at 81B Mai Hac De – bustling street with many apartment for rent, Japanese restaurant, beauty shop…where is focused by many Japanese living and working, near Vincom Ba Trieu, Hoang Thanh Tower.

Beauty and foods

At J-E Mart they have many goods from Foods, Clothes, Beauty product,


– Tea from Japan

– Chocolate

– Wine: Wishky, Red Label, Sake, Apricots wine…

J-E Mart Minimart of Euro and Japan goods

Rượu mơ nhật


– Uniqlo

– Calvin Klein

Beauty goods

– Lipstick

– Shiseido

– Transino…

gian hàng gian hàng 1 gian hàng 2

Nowaday, with increase of life standard, the Vietnamese  focused on foreign products of high quality from the developed countries. Jemart with many years of experience on working with foriegn partners , They are acutely aware that: Only the loyalty and beleif of customer  leading to the development and service quality and products are the key factors maintaining the faith from customers. So during the development stage, Jemart always focus on professional service style, always rigorous in stitch quality selection of safety products before shipping to consumers in order to bring our customers the products good products, gadgets with competitive prices .The customer satisfaction is our pride.

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