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The little known about renaming of a four stars hotel in Hanoi
Posted on: December 17th, 2015 by admin

The little known about renaming of a four stars hotel in Hanoi

From Candeo Hanoi to Candle Hanoi, what has happened?…

The little known about renaming of a four stars hotel in Hanoi

Hanoi Candle was started construction in 2007, with total investment up to $ 40 million and started its operation in April 6/2013

Between April 2014, hotel complex and apartments in Doi Can Street Hanoi Candle were mounted 4-star beach, contribute a high quality lodging in Ba Dinh area

However, in previous months, the people of Hanoi consortium known with a different name, is Candeo Hanoi. What happen?…

Candle Hanoi Complex owned by Nhan Nghia, a private group started with a candle factory. From this platform, Nhan Nghia currently are investors, responsible for management and operation of many other projects such as the central event Cung Xuan, factory candle Vivian Vu’s, a complex of hotels Phoenix Dinh, Alex restaurant, office building service CDC …

The Candle Hanoi complex construction was started in 2007 with a total investment of up to $ 40 million and started its operation in April 6/2013.

At that time, while still not knowing what to choose any name for the project, investors have the opportunity to reach out to a Japanese hotel manager with brand Candeo, and handshake between the two sides make combinations was put on the name Candeo Hotels Hanoi

The first hotel in the hotel chain Candeo was founded in 2005 by Mr. Teruaki Hozumi, a leading architect of Japan. To date, Candeo already manages about 10 hotels with approximately 1,387 rooms spanning across major cities in Japan such as: Kikuyo, Ozu, Shizuoka Shimada, Sano, Chido, Handa, Kameyama, Fukuyama, Ueno-Park

However, that kind of relationship Nhan Nghia – Candeo has not been indifferent to such expectations. After a time to receive and manage the consortium, Candeo quietly withdrew

Against this backdrop, Nhan Nghia have to rename the complex, and the “tradition” of a company that makes candles, the board decided to change “Candeo Hanoi” to “Candle Hanoi” (from “candle” in English He meant the candle)

This exciting solution received the support of many people in tourism: “Candle Hanoi” seems to be a name rather warm and romantic, while changing the signs were easy, if only to correct some alphabet

Along with the new name, Nhan Nghia also recruiting a new executive director who has rich experience in the hospitality industry from the south to the management. The chosen one was Le Quan, a person have more than twenty years experience in this industry

Candeo had walked away, but still Candle Hanoi for special attention to Japanese customers in their strategy. The location near the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, this positioning is quite reasonable.

Le Quan said of Candle Hanoi items as restaurant, swimming pool, gym area, bars … are designed in Japanese style, which he believes that is ” satisfying the guests Japan to Vietnam to visit, work or live permanently in Hanoi “

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