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Warning of rainstorm season
Posted on: June 17th, 2015 by admin

Dear Valued Customers,
Currently, we are in our stormy season weather and to assist customers in the best possible efficient way to ensure
safety, we would like to offer you some guidance for our Residents to plan for:
– Listen to regular weather forecasts before you plan to go out, and please plan your work schedule as a safe
precaution against storms.
–  When working in certain areas, please look out and take note of safe areas eg. sheltered places where it is
possible to avoid lighting and heavy rain.
– Please calculate and allow yourself reasonable time to travel from workplace to a safe area, as the
thunderstorms usually travel very fast.
– When you stay in place that is reasonably unsafe, please pay extra attention to the telltale signs of the
storm such as dark or black clouds, cold air and strong winds.
In case of storm and as thunderstorms may come unexpectedly:
If You Are Travelling:
– Try to find a dry and sheltered place (in the resident’s home). Stay away from tall objects such as electric
poles, lightning rods, antennas, masts, television or radio towers, areas with many tall trees or construction
sites with corrugated roofing sheets.
– If you are in an open place with no shelter, and if there is lightning, you must sit down with legs clasped
close together to avoid voltage steps (not lay down).
– If you have a car, sit in the car and close all doors / windows (rubber wheels are electrical insulators and
sealed chassis is lightning protection cage).
– Do not touch or stand near electrically conductive material such as wires, TV antennas, plumbing,
chimneys, barbed wires, metal structures, etc. Restrict usage of phones / hand phones.
– Stay away from metal objects such as motorcycles, bicycles, cars, hoes, shovels, knives, etc.
If You Are At Home:
– Close all the doors and windows (bedroom and balcony doors) to limit the rainwater from entering and
prevent damage to assets in an apartment by strong winds.
– Restrict from entering or going into balconies or lobbies unless it is really necessary. Absolutely do not
go to the rooftop.
– Do not go outdoors unless there it is really necessary.

Thank you so much.

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